Oral-B Complete Toothpaste

A Just-Brushed Feeling for Longer. Fresh Breath Through The Day.
Discover the new 2 in 1 Complete Mouthwash & Whitening Toothpaste. It combines the proven cleansing performance of Complete toothpaste with real mouthwash for a fresh feeling that lasts through the day.
Whiten & Clean
Flash a beautifully whiter smile with Oral-B Complete Extra White Toothpaste. It combines whole mouth cleaning with whitening power.
Freshen Up
Oral-B Complete Extra Fresh Toothpaste gives you protection with a burst of freshness for a cool fresh breath! Prevents tartar, cavities, whitens teeth and freshens Breath.
A Clean White & Freshness
Keep the natural whiteness of your teeth and a fresh breath that lasts through the day with this 2 in 1 Complete toothpaste with mouthwash.
See What People Are Saying About Our Products
"I like the long lasting benefit…it protects my teeth more effectively than other toothpaste I have used. Freshness feeling can be felt for hours after use, even after challenges like food and drinks."